Corporate Culture

Working principle

Nata advocates a "work culture" that is really hard work,
and guides employee to the atmosphere of "thinking about the job, seeking practical things, doing good things".



Responsible for the company, responsible for self, and “share the same breath”with company.



Adhering to the principle of “doing things right”, aiming at solving problems, and working consciously and honestly.



Advocate a proactive and full-scale innovation of all employees, little by little.



High standards require ourselves to advocate the “positive energy” of learning and to abandon the “negative energy” of pride and complacency.



Amount is the most beautiful expression, advocating performance orientation.



Focus on doing things, doing things to motivate people, train people, and let those who have merit and contributions have a bonus.


Each employee has a training card to record the growth process;

If the employee volunteers, he can participate in the company's enterprise annuity plan as a supplementary insurance for the endowment insurance.

Safety first

Nata always puts safety production at priority, insists on zero tolerance for safety production accidents, abides by the principle of “safety first, prevention primary, comprehensive management” and implements “ideology, technology, system, execution and talents”. "The five-in-one safety production director system, the implementation of safety production "one-vote veto system" assessment indicators, combined with information, intelligent tools, to keep the "progress in safety" baseline.

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